About Us


Bend the Trend Inc. is truly a company that cares about our Independent Retailers and their success in business and in life! It is our goal to not only provide women or men with a great business opportunity, but to also support them in personal growth and training.  We work hard behind the scenes using the newest technology to ease the tasks that are so time consuming in the direct sales clothing business.

 Our clothing is lovingly hand picked for our Independent Retailer's boutiques with today's busy woman in mind.  We know what it is like to have to juggle so many tasks throughout the day whether it be working, mom-duty or both! Throughout the busy woman's transitions on a day to day basis, she should feel good in her clothing yet comfortable enough to tackle the day! 

 Bend the Trend Inc. was founded in June 2017 by Michele Stevenin after leaving the corporate world to spend more time at home with her family.  She found great success in direct sales in a popular jewelry company back in early 2006 and decided it was a business model that worked well and she loved.  Michele went on last year to pick back up in the direct sales market in women's clothing and really thrived in the industry.  After taking a look at various companies, she decided there was a real need for a different kind of affordable fashion in the direct sales industry, as well as a different approach to the way representatives were doing business.

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